What Can Gig Do For You?

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

More than 73% of Americans use broadband daily in their homes. We have resources at our fingertips to help power a connected smart home, whether following a recipe or starting the coffee pot from your phone, creating virtual classrooms, gym spaces and home offices, making banking transactions to entertaining family, and so much more.

Finding and using the right high-speed internet is crucial. Perhaps you’ve seen the ads for gigabit internet! You might be thinking, what can I do with gigabit that I can’t with the service I already have?

With a gigabit internet connection, homes not only run seamlessly. Never fear being dropped in the middle of an important work meeting, class lesson or video call.

  • Room for everyone and everything. Imagine streaming your favorite show while cooking dinner with a voice assistant while the kids are doing homework, streaming music and Netflix in the background, and your spouse is using the internet in preparation for a big day at work tomorrow. Gig internet supports multiple users on multiple devices all at once. There is no need to stretch your bandwidth and risk of it buffering or lagging.
  • Entertainment and gaming made easy. Gig Internet can easily provide the entertainment everyone craves at your fingertips. From laptops and tablets to mobile phones and gaming consoles, there is something for everyone! This also opens the door for online gaming or virtual and augmented reality.
  • Find unmatched upload speeds from your home office. Upload speed plays a critical role in how quickly data travels from your device to a service. Video conferencing or large file transfers, along with cloud storage and backup solutions are activities that require your device to continuously send data to a server and to recipients’ devices. Working from home you’ve most likely already found that you are increasingly reliant on upload speeds, particularly for any communication and collaboration with coworkers and business customers.

Kinetic by Windstream has the gigabit speeds for your internet connection, giving you the performance you need for streaming, gaming, remote work and more. If you’ve been wondering if your Internet service is sized right for your needs, visit