Everything You Need to Know about Apps to Boost Your Productivity

Monday, December 31, 2018

If you’re feeling like you have an extra case of the Mondays, just blame it on the holiday season! It’s the time of year that always seems so hectic between checking everyone off your list, ensuring you have food to feed the whole family and hard deadlines with school or work. And all you probably want is for everything to just slow down so you can relax.

Of course, when the new year comes around, you’ll feel like you need a vacation from your vacation, making it even harder to get back into the swing of things. You may be compelled to start your New Year’s resolutions “tomorrow,” putting off all the things and surfing the web with your Kinetic Internet.

Our Kinetic by Windstream team has kept you in mind, so “tomorrow” can start today. We’ve brought you all those top productivity apps to help you with scheduling, making to-do lists and even ensuring you follow through with those resolutions. (If you aren’t quite ready to think about going back to school or work, go ahead and bookmark this page so you’ll know which apps can increase your productivity year-round! Note that not all will be free.

Here are some of the top productivity apps that are worth your while:


  1. Google Calendar. If you’re already using the Google Suite, you can easily start using Google Calendar, where you can add appointments, meetings and reminders — and invite other Google users.
  2. Timepage. From the makers of Moleskine, Timepage works with existing calendar providers to give you a timeline of the day’s events, along with a “heatmap” of which days are your busiest in the month. This is only available for iOS.
  3. TimeTree. For your family needs, TimeTree will sync everyone’s schedules and has tools, including event-based messaging and shared notes across devices.

Books and News

  1. Pocket. Pocket is for all the times you’re scanning social media, find an interesting story but can’t get to it now. Save it later in this app.
  2. Instapaper. Similarly, Instapaper also lets you save articles, videos and other things you find. The app works across all your devices and lets you highlight and comment on any saved text.
  3. Flipboard. Another read-it-later app, Flipboard will save articles and organize it for you in groups of stories by topic. While not actually “bookmarking” the website for you, Flipboard will redirect you to the original website.


  1. Pushbullet. Depending on how you work, Pushbullet may or may not be for you. This app will sync your devices — phone, computer, tablet — so you won’t need to switch between them. Put finishing touches on your work document from your phone, or get text messages sent to your computer.
  2. Forest. Seeming almost like a game, the Forest app for iOS devices will plant a tree when you want to focus. When you are focusing, it will grow a tree, but if you aren’t, the tree will die. The app can also work for group tasks.
  3. Noisli. Needing background noise, but finding that music and TV are too distracting? Try out Noisli, a white noise app that lets you mix different sounds to create the right environment, whether it’s for productivity or relaxation.

To-Do Lists

  1. Google Keep. Also a part of the Google Suite, Keep lets you create notes, a checkable to-do list, photos and audio. You can even set a time- or location-based reminders and share or collaborate on items, like grocery lists.
  2. Todoist. The Todoist app will transform your quick reminder message into a task based off the language you wrote. You can prioritize your tasks with color-coding, categorize with hashtags and even measure your progress.
  3. Trello. Best for group projects, Trello uses boards, lists and cards for tasks, to which you can add comments, attachments, checklists and due dates. You can even integrate other apps that your group uses into the workflow.

A Better You

  1. LastPass. Finding it hard to keep track of all those strong passwords you created? LastPass is a password manager that is available on all of your devices.
  2. Mindfulness. Get in meditation daily with Mindfulness. Lower your anxiety and stress levels and just breathe.
  3. Strides. A habit-forming app — perfect for those resolutions — Strides will track anything you want to build a new habit, kick a bad habit or even achieve your goal. Strides will give you a dashboard for each of your habits and how far along you’ve made it.

Try out any of these productivity apps the next time you find yourself going down the rabbit hole with your high-speed Internet. (Of course, you’ll spend just a few more seconds on your Kinetic Internet to download the apps.)

Now get back to it — tomorrow, of course!

Kinetic by Windstream is not affiliated with any of the products or companies named in this blog post.